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The process of Underpinning is excavating under the existing foundations of a house. Extending the foundations to a new depth. However, This process strengthens the overall structure of the house. Also, maximizes its usable square footage.

  • Toronto basement underpinning repairs
  • Home foundation repairs
  • Lowering basement floors
  • Toronto basement waterproofing
  • Basement floor cement work
  • General contracting & renovations

Are you planning to add a story to your building or want to get rid of the visible cracks in your building foundation? Then, not to worry about, Viper Home Services is here to underpin your building with upgraded techniques. Foundations failure can cost you more than your actual cost. Furthermore, underpinning will strengthen the foundation of any building.

There are several methods of Underpinning that is applied by Viper Home Services in your house. The most commonly used process that is economical as well is “Pile and Beam”, “Mass Pour Method” and “Screw Piles and Brackets”.  Suppose we have an underpinning mass pour technique which needs some excavating parts in the arrangement to a restored specified depth below the footing and at that point, one must place concrete in each gap. Then, on the other hand, Pile and Beam’s method is suitable for the restricted area, and it is faster than usual traditional underpinning. All of three ways are very effective and economical for any building whether it’s residential of Industrial.

Different types of Underpinning by Viper Home Services may include “home foundation repair”, “lower basement floors”, “waterproofing, cemented work”, and “general renovations and removing cracks”. All of these repairs is best cheapest in whole competing companies of Toronto and neighboring areas. If you are planning to renovate your building, give us a call and first take an estimate of underpinning cost then invest.

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